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Jeff Caliguire

About Jeff Caliguire

Transformational Coach, Founder and President, Coaching Transformation Academy.

He has been practicing transformational coaching professionally since 2001 and training and certifying transformational coaches since 2017.

Jeff loves God, his family, hiking and his dog, Barney. Oh, and he's also loves leading and training coaches as the founder of the Coaching Transformation Academy. (

He is the co-founder of Soul Care with Mindy Caliguire ( and President of Convergence Point ( since 2009. 

He is the author of 8 published books, including The Habits of Hope: Self Leadership Strategies to Unleash Your Bigger Purpose and Shifting Into Higher Gear with Tom Siciliano. His brand new 3 book series includes Transformational CoachingThe 8 Coaching Habits and The Thriving Coach. (Aviva Books 2020) 

Jeff is a former senior pastor and president of a non-profit in Boston, MA. He's been married to Mindy Caliguire fo 33 years, lives in Louisville, Colorado and now the co-creator, with Mindy, of the Soul Care Ranch in Boulder, CO.